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Sculpted Murals: About the Process
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What-A-Relief will work with you to create a completely personalized design to reflect your individual tastes, decor, interests, or business. From a nature scene, to a company logo, to a classical theme, Randy will custom design the perfect sculpture for you and your room. Sculptures can range in size from a simple accent over a door or fireplace to a full wall or border that encompasses the room.

Although most designs are left to blend into the colors of the wall, they can be accented with color or fully painted in realistic natural color.

To view actual samples, request a free estimate, or to discuss the endless possibilities, click here for contact information.

"When a potential customer expresses interest, we determine their ideas for the space, themes in the room, type of wall surface, time constraints, etc. Some customers have difficulty envisioning what a sculpture actually looks like. I have a number of small samples I can show them, photographs of past projects, or I may be able to get them in to see actual sculptures on walls I've already done. I may do a small sketch to confirm what I envision is what they actually want. I may also create a "life-sized" paper pattern and tape it to the customer's wall to again confirm that the finished project is what they want, it's the right size and location on their wall. Up to this point it has cost the potential buyer nothing. When we determine the final design we can then discuss price and the possibility of when it can be applied."
Randy Detjen, sculptor, What-A-Relief


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